Monday, March 22, 2010

Updates! and Day one of Giles and Giles

The Giles from Oregon!!! (A and K's family) Wahooooo! They are ready to play all hours whenever....I am posting a little more this week for the family members, Kimber, Julian, Ryan, Jamie and L and E who weren't able to come this week. We miss you!!! But maybe if I take enough will feel like you were here!

Grandma and K. I really like this shot. My grandma is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.

Annnnd here we are! I think I get most of my artistic bent from this wonderful lady. She is quite a accomplished artist and loves beautiful things.

Oh, how I love this man. This is my wonderful Grandpa.

J. plotting and P. assessing

Super Mom, J and little J

This was a very funny smile that Mr. Z gave while lounging on A.'s lap

Someone was a wee bit tired in the afternoon after extreme cousin play and afternoon interference in nap time = crashing on the couch completely oblivious to everyone walking by.
J.'s special day...turned 2!!! He is quite the little character.

St. Patrick's Day parade in SF! Sunny day in SF and dogs... Perfect:)