Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alamere Falls and redemption

So I know I have been a TOTAL slacker about posting...and for the one or two readers I have left-oh you faithful blends (blog friends:) I am giving you a virtual windmill Top Gun high five. I am not sure I can cover the last 4 months in one post so I am trying out a small post. What I did yesterday. A few friends and I completely threw caution to the wind and hiked along the coast near Point Reyes. I actually hiked in my grandma's retro rain boots that held up pretty well. It was a gorgous hike-the rain held back for the 4 hours the hike took. The falls tumbled down a few pools and eventually burst out over the ocean. Pretty awesome.

I was excited to get there.

Striding with purpose in my 1950's footgear

Solid Saturday hike. If you are in Northern Ca. This should be on your list of hikes. About 8 miles roundtrip and you hike past a couple of lakes. Stunning.

Annnnd this is why I live here. To go on hikes like this. About 2 hours from home. On the way home, we stopped in a tiny coastal town called Bolinas Bay at a cozy little spot with giant frog statues and surboards hanging from the ceiling-named Coast Cafe. Incredible food-and I ate part of a brownie sundae that was the size of my head. With homemade caramel and chocolate sauce.