Saturday, June 27, 2009

Berry Picking, Vipers and ocean

As an added bonus on our journey to the coast-many millions of dollars in spectacular vehicles whizzing by us, enjoying the Highway 1 along the coast and the redwoods-Vipers, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc. I'm not even that in to cars but this was an extraordinary show. We must have had over 100 cars go by. Sigh. Yes, please!

Loved when the lightbulb went on that he could pick and eat an endless supply of berries...His cheeks are stuffed and he was double fisting it...

Splendor in the fields-hard at work for berries

Love this shot with E. Although sorry about the was a one-arm, ok!

The spoils of Ollaberry sweet goodness at Swanton Farms in Pescadero. Great spot for a day trip.

Fufu berry!

This kid is going to be a surfer. He didn't want to leave the beach. Ever.

That little hand kills me...Am is such a great mommy.

Foot Long Party!

Nanci-one of the most fabulous hosts ever threw a summer party at her house-everything had a "foot" theme-foot long hotdogs, foot long pizza, foot long black licorice and painting feet!
Oh crack me up


Just swinging...Z and the girls...


Pretty girl
Fruit stand in Los Altos...LOVED all the samples!

Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto

Monday, June 22, 2009

The cake....

My work in progress....I really like to make pies better but this was kind of fun to put together


The aftermath....
The verdict....

Hadar's birthday brunch!

Fake laughing:) Hadar and I have been friends since junior high. She is a total sweetheart and I love hanging out with her and her wonderful family. This is at her fabulous birthday party. Isn't she gorgeous? AND she has a sweet 4 month baby and amazing husband.

Real photo:)

A Day at the farm....

E. and Z. in the pool

A connection was made
Nice big horse. Probably too big for my apartment....

The littlest farmer

The crew at Ardenwood Farm

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to the world, little one

Introducing William Cristoff Lenoir! I went down on Saturday on a hunch, to Monterey and one of my best friends, Andi, was in full blown labor. So we got her to the hospital and set about to bring this little guy safely into the world. Andi was a true champ. This is William in his little carrier and his first outfit which was waaaay too big. But he'll grow;) This is the first time I have been with someone in labor from the beginning to the end (stepping out for the 20 min of pushing-Tony handled that;) New respect for nurses, doctors and epidural needles....Andi's family is in Utah and Tony's is in France so I was more than happy to fill the roll of the pillow fluffer, drink getter and distractor during contractions...

Testing his fingers...
The little family-on a side note, how fantastic does Andi look? Also on a side note, the hospital was the nicest hospital I've ever been to-it felt like a resort in the woods! Except for that whole hospital thing...

William and his doting Aunt Sara (me:)


Koala bear
Welcome to the world!

Whales, Dolphins and yoga seals

On a break from the hospital (see previous entry) I jumped on board a whale watching ship in Monterey. Loved that crew! They let me sit up top next to the captain, scouring the seas for sightings.

Favorite shot-white sided dolphins who were annoying the humpback whales-they were playful and jumped up close by the boat. Found out that dolphins are really hard to take pictures of.

Best shot of the whale...not awesome but they were kind of dormant. And SMELLY!!!! Their breath was akin to rotten broccoli....yikes

On leaving the harbor, we were surrounded by about 40 dolphins. I'm in love with these guys.

Quirky, lovely house

Sleep coma

This made me wish I was scuba diving. Now that I know what is down there, I want to go back...

I think he is saying hello:)


UP and AWAY!

Watching UP on a Friday afternoon with Mom and crew-Great movie and I loved my glasses!

Foxy Roxy

This is Roxy-a sweet, yet loud coonhound that was my partner in crime for a couple of days.
How cute is she?