Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seahorses and Grizzly Bears.....

I headed down to Monterey last weekend and somehow found myself riding a grizzly bear. Definitely a surprise filled weekend.

This was maybe the best Mexican food I have had in awhile-mushroom and artichoke enchiladas-wonder how many calories this was....Don't worry-I shared it;)

Monterey Bay Aquarium-awesome experience-the new Seahorse exhibit is amazing-did you know male seahorses carry the baby seahorses? They can give birth to up to 1000 babies...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bagpipes, Sunsets and Wild Animals

Gorgeous spread-warmed bread, tomatoes, cheese and basil with country olives-cozy fire looking at a sunset at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach...when....Surprise!!!

Every night a Bagpiper comes up to the beach in front of the posh hotel in Pebble Beach and plays songs as the sun goes down.

Along the path to the to Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach
My new friend

One of the many celebrities at Wild Things Park in Salinas. -this is an organization that takes care of animals that have been illegally adopted and the owners can't handle it and bring them here. They also have animals from zoos and circuses that also don't have places to go. Some of them are trained and work on films like George of the Jungle and the Lion King. The baboon above was used for sketching for the Lion King.

A teenage lion going through some hair issues-we've all been there....
Elephant ears....

One of my best friends, Andi. We have been friends for 10 years-we lived in Venezuela together and in Salt Lake. She is an amazing girl. I stayed with her family for the weekend. So fun:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Christmas vacation....

My brother-in-law at his first petting zoo

Our guitarist

Our drummer


Band manager

Those back legs kill me....

Quick trip to Borneo


Carmel is a magical place. You should go.

Funniest gift-Head Spa: Enter Euphoria

Most Interesting gift-African Aquatic Frogs....from my mom to my sister

Best wrapping job-my nieces cleverly disguised my book from them in the above packing-keeping in mind sound and feel.

I had fun wrapping these....

This one was from me to my mom-the petals are each attributes that I love about my mom. What can I say...I'm a little sentimental:)

I was in charge of wrapping present from my dad to my mom for her birthday and got a little carried away....as evidenced by the turtles.

Kim and Craig's beautiful wedding in DC.....

Soooo it has been a bit ridiculously long since my last post...but as it is the New Year (Hazzah!) I am back on the wagon. Here are some photos from my cousin Kim's wedding...
It was absolutely beautiful.