Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rooftop and Memorial Day in Brooklyn

The photographer is caught by her own camera:)

It was a pretty amazing sight

Grilling on the rooftop. I was very impressed with the skill, technique and breadth of meats represented-everything from ribs, to filet mignon to chicken with pesto. This crew did not mess around. Thanks to our generous hosts, K. and F! What a beautiful home they opened up to us-they were so generous to host a big party and share the best views in the city.

NYC Sunsets...

Walking through Harlem-where we went bowling and I bowled 4!!!! strikes in a row....That has never happened. I will never play again-there is no way to ever top that score for me...

One of my favorite photos of the weekend so far-gorgeous sunset from a rooftop in Brooklyn

Monday, May 25, 2009

This just in.....

Hi readers! No photos today until I can figure out how to load photos on my friend's computer-however just a little note to say that I arrived safely. Yesterday I bowled 4 Strikes in a row at Harlem lanes which was the BEST I have ever bowled in my life-so of course, I can never go bowling again. That was my Zenith. I met lots of new NYC friends and am catching up with some old friends this week-can't wait. Today there was a parade that went under/very near my window in UpperWest side-complete with Bagpipes-This is really a city that never sleeps....More photos and stories to come-thanks for checking back-I tried to be oh-so light packer and I didn't pack my laptop-and my blog is feeling the brunt.

Friday, May 22, 2009

East Coast style....

I am packing today for my adventure to...NYC!!!! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Dreamy

Image via This is Glamorous

How I would love to wake up in this bed and spend a lazy summer afternoon. Dreamy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pescadero, Pie and Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Colleen and I decided to hit the coast on Friday for an overnighter at the Pigeon Point lighthouse hostel which waaaay exceeded my expectations. It is a group of buildings perched right along the coast-and they have a hot tub right on the edge of the cliff-And the rooms were fine-not the Ritz but we didn't spend too long there anyway and we could see the ocean from our room-All this for $28 a night! Anyone loking for an overnight trip or even a day trip-Pescadero is the way to go-Highway 1 especially right now is playing host to awesome viewing of humpback whales showing off. And sparkling blue water and great food.

Famous goat cheese from Harley Farm-see photos below for more on the goat farm...gorgeous little bits of cheese-the owner is a British woman who came to Pescadero on a whim, met the son of the owner of the only tavern in town and fell in love and never left. They now run a very successful goat farm. And apparently fashion venue...(see story below).

Ridiculously good hot artichoke bread with buttery cornmeal on the outside. Colleen and I kind of inhaled it.
When I think of a little cottage built for two-this is what I imagine. It was like stumbling onto a Gershwin song.

This is Ivy...a pig that Colleen and I were introduced to by a friendly neighbor, Randy. She was really...um... big. Randy was describing her in rapt tones...she was grunting a lot.
I was holding the goats at bay after they broke into the lettuce garden...they were pushing pretty hard as it turns out. That organic lettuce must have been good.

Gorgeous 100 year old farmhouse

The goat....at one point, let out a rather alarmed "baaaaaa"

This was quite an unexpected adventure. We went to a local goat farm hosting an upscale designer fashion show. And promptly asked if they had any extra room-then started our fashion show complete with "farm fashion with an edge" and baby goats on the runway and incredible goat cheese appetizers-My view of working on a goat farm has significantly shifted....
The lighthouse hostel-we stayed in the buildings at the side-they were totally doable-and faced the ocean. Really nice staff.

Our hostel. Colleen-partner in crime

Intrepid explorer

I really wanted to poke and squeeze this anemone but I refrained...mostly.
I love the green color.

I SWEAR I think I saw a humpback whale or at mimimum a huge seal. This is just another shot that shows how much I love where I live. The seal/whale was elusive....

The spoils-I'm going to be eating smoothies for a couple of weeks....

That's right. I picked each and every one of those little gems at Swanton ranch-a perfect Saturday morning activity-of course-once you start picking-you figure you might as well keep going...and that's how I ended up with 6 pounds of strawberries....

Old town Pescadero-a fishing town on the coast of California. Slow during the week and then it explodes with tourists on the weekend. Very old-timey Americana theme going on over there. Perfect weekend getway.
Um. This was delicious-almost as good as mine;) Homemade ollaberry pie at Duartes Tavern-so good....totally worth the indulgence.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Colleen's B-day par-tay and my new tattoo

Yup. Check out my new tat. It's not permanent but super fun just the same....

The fabulous Birthday girl! What a great friend, listener, adventurer!

Ohhhh Jessica-that tattoo is in a tricky spot for the financial world....

That was a pretty high flame! I got a little concerned the hello kitty hats were going to be sacrificed on the birthday altar.

Olive Alien

My nephew, J. discovering olives on his hands. Turns out he doesn't like olives....at all. But was fascinated by his new alien hands...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thomander Wedding-Summer Sweet

The Thomander's beautiful home-a perfect backyard wedding open house for John and Amanda. This was my first catering job-It was so fun to be a part of such a romantic/beautiful event.

Nanci and Daryl-John's parents looking very elegant

The happy couple-John and Amanda

Lazy summer night-good people, good food, good conversation

Photo Shoot with MJ, my niece-she came running in and jumped on my lap. How could I not take a couple of photos?

My little niece, MJ. Isn't she cute?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dogs, Flowers and Farmer's Markets

This was quite a dog standing guard at the Farmer's market-I think it is probably an Irish Wolfhound mix-a little too narrow in the shoulders to be purebred. And yes-I am a dog breed freak. Don't judge;)

What a great start-a Rhodesian Ridgeback which is one of my favorite types of dogs-I dream of opening my door one day and having one on my doorstep with a bow. I blame Disney for that dream....Such a sweet dog-the girl said that yesterday someone thought he was a deer.

Gorgeous flowers-I thought they might be a little too high for Mom but I loved how fluffy they looked. This was at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Palo Alto, CA every Saturday from 8-noon. Delicious crepes, beautiful flowers, delectable fruit-what's not to love?

Someday I want to be rich enough to sweep in and buy up alllll the yellow flowers. I love the shape of these.

Flower bouquet I designed for Mom-lots of happy yellows and blues.

What a delicious little garden-too bad I tend to kill plants...sigh. I'm working on that one.

This almost made me want to eat radishes...almost.

Guess what season it is? :) Strawberries! I LOVE Strawberries-I think I could eat a whole flat by myself. Although that would probably not end well...