Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SF continued...

It takes 3 to handle Z.....he is very active and thinks he is about 5. He is 2! (which he can say now)
K. and K. Mother and Daughter.

Now THAT is the kind of lamp post you would expect in Nob Hill.

Golden Gate Bridge on a gorgeous day. My brother and his incredible family.

Oh Jacob. You are just too cute. He was trying to attack the photographer.

The gang/mob/mass of wild kids and the photographer (me).
The family at San Francisco. Dad is in the orange with the adventure hat.

A. the athlete-she kind of dominated. I had to play with the 6 year olds on the other court.

My mom and my brother-notice a resemblance?;)

Cowgirl Creamery with A., H., and P

This wasn't set up at all....maybe a little;) Nephew P. the Awesome

Really cool sculpture near my parent's home in Palo Alto. All that shiny metal....with my nieces K. and M.

A true California experience-my niece A., and nephews H. and P.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fortune Cookies, King Crabs and Tennis

Prizes to whomever can guess what this is....it's a fortune cookie machine! We found it in an alleyway in SF. *Editors note-I have a lot of photos of my nieces and nephews but I need parental consent to post them...or I won't get a Christmas present...But rest assured-they were absolutely awesome photos!

Whoa-that crab is EXPENSIVE! For that price, we should put a collar on him and take him home.

Spent today at the ferry with 6 of my neices and nephews-Pretty much one of my favorite things to do is to hang with family. I took them over to the ferry building and checked out all the crazy things there. For those not familiar-the Ferry Building is a foodie delight and samples line the interior of shops from the Cowgirl Creamery to Chocolatiers to mushrooms to tanks of king crabs. Definitely on the must-do list.

This is where I am spending my days at the office:) Yeah...this was a little posed. But I was getting smoked by a six year old. My company liquidated on Monday so I have a little time on my hands which bodes well for many updates on this website so stay tuned!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old School.....

I totally stole this from my sister's post...BUT it was such an awesome photo-and evidence of the infamous afro on my head I had to post it! This is right before my little sister K. came into the picture. Gotta love the 80's and the bell bottom cords....I am the one that is needing to be restrained from bolting. With the red cords.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

When in Rome....aka where I want to be right now...

If I squint hard...I like to imagine that is me in about 4 months...Love the dress, shoes, vespa, beaten cobblestone and man in a linen suit.
image found here: Andrew Schwartz/Universal Pictures

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ferry building, Brides of March and SFFD

Gorgeous shot of the Ferry building at dusk in the city. This was an adventure day in SF on Saturday for and boy did I see some new things! I packed my satchel, grabbed my new Fodor's guide and headed up to the city.

See explanation below...

This deserves a longer caption...So on the 15 of March, everyone who has a wedding dress gathers on Union Square for "Brides of March" a clever play on "Ides of March" Somewhat of a surreal exerience to get almost run over by 150 men and women dressed in wedding dresses. Could have done without the goatee and the wedding dress look...but it was all very entertaining. Oh-and St. Patricks Day parade was going on at the same time....Fun day at the city!

First encounter with Clams...verdict: Tasty!

Fancy crab/avocado/grapefruit tower of goodness....

Inside the Ferry building-I like a little sense of humor with my meats...

This is the SFFD boat along the Embarcadero in SF. I heart firefighters bigtime:)

Part 2 of J's B-day

Sometimes timing works out pretty well. Love this shot of J!

One of the best wrapping ideas I have had in a long time for a little boy's present. This is an awesome little car with holes for them to stick their fingers in.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Monkey!

This is my little nephew, J. He turns 1 today!!!
He makes everyone around him cheer up with his sweet personality. He is quite a thinker and the wheels are constantly churning in his head. And he has one of the greatest smiles ever. He is also super cuddly and does this funny gallop thing as he is in between crawling and walking. Kind of like those plastic frogs that you press the top of their back legs and they jump forward. I love to hang out with J.

This is my nephew, J. with much loved Grandma, D. who is in town for his birthday. We miss her lots and lots! She is incredibly caring and thoughtful and I wish she would visit more!

Chip and Dale dancers or UFC?

This is super grainy but I finally HAD to post it-because it is so awesomely bad. This is my credential for the UFC. If it is hard to make out, allow me to describe the high points...the 6 guys with shirts off, glaring in to the camera and BARELY wearing pants-above the clever name..."The Young and the Reckless". This is something, huh?

In the meadow...and walking the Dish

Loving the weather-I went on a hike with S. to the classic Palo Alto experience-a 3 mile loop that passes a satelite dish-hike is called "walk the dish". There. That's the lingo for the day.
Stanford tower. Cool.

Deer Yoga

Look what I found on a hike to the Dish above Stanford yesterday! It's only green here about 3 weeks out of the year on these hill so this deer are getting a little delirious about this...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sailboats, Pelicans and Seals in Sausalito

After checking out the UFC fight in the morning, I decided to check out Sausalito where I haven't been for a little while and I went nautical and got some great shots at the marina. This is a really fun little town right after you pass over the Golden Gate bridge and is kind of "ocean meets country". Well worth a drive up.
Beautiful pelican I got a shot of. Interesting note-they can carry their full body weight in food in their beak...weird, huh? Think about it....

This was the most beautiful boat I saw-It was moving super fast so I felt lucky to get this shot off...
IF you can, look closely at these little faces....they are kind of lazy and relaxed. And in sync.

Loved the colors of these houseboats. What an awesome combination! Sausalito is a little seaside town north of San Francisco that feels worlds away from the Peninsula-little shops and sailboats everywhere.

One more shot-I love love LOVE the Golden Gate Bridge and driving across it. Today I decided to explore Sausalito for dinner because it was such a beautiful day and a great drive.

Took this photo out of my window on my adventure into Sausalito. This was a gorgeous day in SF in the mission district and this church really stood out to me-although I had to snap really fast as the traffic light turned green and I was trying to be a safe driver.

What I do for a living....

I took this photo inside behind the scenes...lots of roadcases and giant floating sharks...

This is my tractor. Isn't she pretty? She pulls my HD truck that I handle-HD10. I went down to a show we did on Saturday- a UFC show titled "The Young and the Reckless..." That's Ultimate Fighting Chanpionship which is not really my favorite sport as I am not really into violence. But it was quite a interesting gig!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cassie's 30th B-day-Old Hollywood Glamour!

This girl really knows how to throw a party-after all....it's her business:) She rented out a theater in Menlo Park and had photographers outside and silk screens and lots of fun treats inside. Such a fun girl! This is the lobby where she decorated with Chinese lanterns and her favorite movie posters.

I feel like I needed a feather boa....How fabulous are these ladies? I called them "fancy ladies".

The Birthday girl and her awesome hollywood shot. And LOTS of popcorn.
Although little know fact about me-I never eat popcorn....long story but it drives my family crazy because they love it!

Cute little cupcakes for the birthday girl...a Cupcake toast!

Awwww. How cute is Cassie?! Love this shot:) Happy Birthday Cassie!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stanford football game

Just couldn't help myself....thanks A. for taking great shots at the Stanford vs. San Francisco game on Saturday. This really is a cute dog and for a brief moment in this photo, a still one. AF-you'd better show the girls this one-they'll love it:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Beautiful Mother and daughter and BFF

This is one lucky kid. My friend, Bek-who has been with me on many adventures including but not limited to a rather wild road trip through southern Spain, is one of the most incredible women I know. She is strong and brave and married an awesome guy. And here is her baby with AWESOME hair...I was kind of obsessed with it....It was swaying in it's own breeze...I took care of her on Saturday for a couple of hours while Bek and P went to a wedding reception. I kept whispering to her all the things I would tell her about her mama when she gets a little older. She was crying a little and I walked outside and when she saw the stars, she got very still. That little girl is going to be a wanderer and globe trotter. I can sense these things;)

LOVE that hair!!!