Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alamere Falls and redemption

So I know I have been a TOTAL slacker about posting...and for the one or two readers I have left-oh you faithful blends (blog friends:) I am giving you a virtual windmill Top Gun high five. I am not sure I can cover the last 4 months in one post so I am trying out a small post. What I did yesterday. A few friends and I completely threw caution to the wind and hiked along the coast near Point Reyes. I actually hiked in my grandma's retro rain boots that held up pretty well. It was a gorgous hike-the rain held back for the 4 hours the hike took. The falls tumbled down a few pools and eventually burst out over the ocean. Pretty awesome.

I was excited to get there.

Striding with purpose in my 1950's footgear

Solid Saturday hike. If you are in Northern Ca. This should be on your list of hikes. About 8 miles roundtrip and you hike past a couple of lakes. Stunning.

Annnnd this is why I live here. To go on hikes like this. About 2 hours from home. On the way home, we stopped in a tiny coastal town called Bolinas Bay at a cozy little spot with giant frog statues and surboards hanging from the ceiling-named Coast Cafe. Incredible food-and I ate part of a brownie sundae that was the size of my head. With homemade caramel and chocolate sauce.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hm. It looks like fall but the summer temps are still here....

First apple pie of the season...check.

Creepy mummy wearing flannel. It feels wrong on many levels. Mummies in flannel and Half Moon Bay leisure wear?

Am and Henry. Trying to get him look at me. I love how the pumpkin looks like it is eating Amber's arm.

Sam being a great dad.

Sad story. Little Henry got stung by a wasp in the first 10 minutes:( So he needed some SuperDad time. It actually is really great to see what a wonderful dad my cousin has become. Especially considering we tried to kill each other in our formulative pre-teen years....;)

I'm a sucker for green

The corn maze. In which I got so lost that 2 six year olds helped me out and they had to send someone in. I'm not great at corn mazes. It's my kryptonite.

Um. This cow has a definite look to her...I gave her some room. She is HUGE.

goat yoga

A little farm in Half Moon Bay. It was AWESOME!

Cute cousin family

Someone had a lot of fun building these....

Gladiator arena.

San Francisco Art Institute-GORGEOUS and well worth the open campus and incredible views.
They had a rooftop cafe that overlooks Pacific Heights.

Crystal clear day in SF

New blanket project. I am a closet sewer of blankets....I'm outed;)

A little free hand embroidery on the corner flowers

Why hello there Mr. Sam:) Getting to know my newest nephew!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Buddha....

Someone is ready for food. Or a diaper change....

New nephew born Sept. 27, 2010. 10 lbs. 14 oz.....

Big brother J.

Getting used to the idea

Why hello little man

Big Buddha-Waiting on a name for this guy. He is such a sweetheart already. Love how his shirt is more like a crop top. The nurse said he was the biggest baby she had seen in 8 years at the hospital! My sister is AMAZING!!!

Koala love

Last day of being the baby. I let him eat the paddle from the chocolate chip cookie dough-it's his last day after all...

Some local shots....

A little foggy-that's the Golden Gate Bridge....somewhere in there...

Coconut Cream Tart from Tartine....pretty solid

Even though the morning bun was a little charred..the croissants were rocking.

Clothing optional beach....That's what you get in Stinson beach, baby-great little spot to hang on a Saturday.

A view on my favorite run/walk-the Baylands at eventide

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where to begin.....

I think it is safe to say that I have been a little lax in my postings....but might as well start somewhere. This dapper fellow in a duct tape hat is my nephew-and aan extremely creative and productive one at that....he also used this hat and tried to be a robot for tips at the local shopping center. Awesome. He got 35 cents.....

My nephew J and my nephew J-Big J is preparing for his new baby brother that should arrive any minute practicing on little J.

I am OBSESSED with this recipe that I had at a party a few weeks ago-so simple yet blew my mind-marinade was 1 beef tenderloin and 1 jar of jalepeno peppers and 1/2 gallon of teriyaki sauce from costco
then marinate for 2 days. Grill until meat is 150 degrees. Then heat the marinade up...that raw meat can be tricky so make sure it is heated thoroughly-then serve as a dipping sauce with bread as chasers. Spicy and sweet at the same time. INCREDIBLE! I stalked the chef until he told me...

Just another day in the city....on the most gorgeous deck in SF that I have seen in the center of downtown. I thought the chairs were amazing and way too chic to even sit on...

This on the other hand was the most disturbing name of a night club I have seen in a loooog time. Ewwwww. I was on a walk downtown checking out the Zero 1 art and technology festival which was truly interesting and this little gem popped up.

And THIS is my submission to the New York Times potluck competition that I entered today-this is a very dangerous dessert as I tend to eat a little too much of it...
It used to be my "secret recipe". But now that I have submitted it to NY Times...the secrecy seems to be a little silly. It is the perfect fall/winter dessert for parties.
In conclusion...I will try to be just a little more consistent for the 5 readers I have left:)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! This was taken last night from my favorite spot to watch the fireworks at Shoreline. For some reason, this year I thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks-it was a perfect night for it. My friend T and his wife made the BEST hamburgers-the "Obama burger" with homemade mayonaise and blue cheese. They also made toasted marshmallow shakes which were ridiculously good and surprisingly easy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I knew I likes the Dutch...

A friend sent this to me....Redhead day in the Netherlands....Looks like a blast and really disconcerting at the same time.