Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Streeeetch little koala bear!

(these are random pics in no particular order from Australia)


right before he attacked...j/k;)

Cape Tribulation in Cairns

One big croc

Little bit too close....

I couldn't eat kangaroo on the trip. Not when I knew how cute they were.

Where the rainforest meets the ocean

Sleeping Twins and J. from our dive trip on the Great Barrier Reef

So many coral groves to explore....

The Blue Mountains

Cairns-at dawn
Car Rally in Sydney

Cool sculpture in Cairns-this is what they call a public pool...
The 3 sisters in the Blue Mountains

Jenni, Afton, Kim and Me:) The Four sisters....couldn't resist...

Living my lifeguard fantasy
on Manly Beach

Actual surfers...


  1. Sara! I love the pictures- and the four sisters one especially :)

  2. nice pics sara. looks like a great trip. where are the leeches, though?