Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bagpipes, Sunsets and Wild Animals

Gorgeous spread-warmed bread, tomatoes, cheese and basil with country olives-cozy fire looking at a sunset at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach...when....Surprise!!!

Every night a Bagpiper comes up to the beach in front of the posh hotel in Pebble Beach and plays songs as the sun goes down.

Along the path to the to Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach
My new friend

One of the many celebrities at Wild Things Park in Salinas. -this is an organization that takes care of animals that have been illegally adopted and the owners can't handle it and bring them here. They also have animals from zoos and circuses that also don't have places to go. Some of them are trained and work on films like George of the Jungle and the Lion King. The baboon above was used for sketching for the Lion King.

A teenage lion going through some hair issues-we've all been there....
Elephant ears....

One of my best friends, Andi. We have been friends for 10 years-we lived in Venezuela together and in Salt Lake. She is an amazing girl. I stayed with her family for the weekend. So fun:)

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  1. Those animals are so cute! I love the elephants, and the "tween years" lion whose hair is a hot mess.

    That food looks amazing. I love this state!