Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hm. It looks like fall but the summer temps are still here....

First apple pie of the season...check.

Creepy mummy wearing flannel. It feels wrong on many levels. Mummies in flannel and Half Moon Bay leisure wear?

Am and Henry. Trying to get him look at me. I love how the pumpkin looks like it is eating Amber's arm.

Sam being a great dad.

Sad story. Little Henry got stung by a wasp in the first 10 minutes:( So he needed some SuperDad time. It actually is really great to see what a wonderful dad my cousin has become. Especially considering we tried to kill each other in our formulative pre-teen years....;)

I'm a sucker for green

The corn maze. In which I got so lost that 2 six year olds helped me out and they had to send someone in. I'm not great at corn mazes. It's my kryptonite.

Um. This cow has a definite look to her...I gave her some room. She is HUGE.

goat yoga

A little farm in Half Moon Bay. It was AWESOME!

Cute cousin family

Someone had a lot of fun building these....

Gladiator arena.

San Francisco Art Institute-GORGEOUS and well worth the open campus and incredible views.
They had a rooftop cafe that overlooks Pacific Heights.

Crystal clear day in SF

New blanket project. I am a closet sewer of blankets....I'm outed;)

A little free hand embroidery on the corner flowers

Why hello there Mr. Sam:) Getting to know my newest nephew!

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