Monday, February 16, 2009

Ano Nuevo, cyclists and truffles

Sweet stop in front of the stop where the Tour of Cyclists came through. We pulled off to the side to watch as the cyclists swooshed by from Sausalito to Santa Cruz.

Love this shot of this kids watching the cyclists go by.

This little gem of a scale was in the roadside jam/fruit shop we found.

Colleen and I staying warm and braving the elements on the coastal lands

Uh oh. The males were pretty aggressive. Apparently they haven't eaten since Thanksgiving and are here solely to mate. We kept a safe distance.

I kind of wanted to hug this one...

Gorgeous California coast. Love LOVE living here!

I was a little worried about the rain and my brother-in-law hooked me up with a full rain suit-
as we are in the middle of a crazy storm-and my new pink rainboots...which were an emergency purchase and I happily splashed through the rivers. I haven't been that prepared for weather in a looooong time!


  1. Are those your kids?!? You've been busy since I've last seen you . . .

    On a similar note . . . are those your seals?