Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is my brother T. and sister A.-probably in Tehran? (That's in Iran) Showing their personalities at a very early age;) And I totally lifted it from her blog. It was just that awesome.

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  1. ok sar---I gave it my best shot....and at least four days for you to "edit the names"

    and now, the directive comes down in comment form: figure out how to mask my name....

    or face---the inevitable HACK to get the job done:-)on your site.

    miss me?

    i know you do

    now---just edit the above post if you will

    then i'll post more pictures that I KNOW you want to see :-)

    i really do think about you and miss you a ton--i'm just pushing for edits where you don't see as much of a need---but this is "me" that's making the request....