Friday, July 3, 2009

Down by the Boardwalk, down by the sea-e-e

This was the aftermath of a trip to Santa Cruz to the World's best Seaside Boardwalk. It has been there since 1907. It's a great place to spend an afternoon-although a liiiiitle busy on a holiday weekend. They also have free concerts on Friday nights.

This is one of my top 2 favorite ice cream places on the West Coast. It's a local spot in Santa Cruz called "Marianne's" They have the best flavors-horchata, 1020 (carmel ice cream, oreo cookies and fudge) northern Oregon Blackberry, Cinnamon, etc.

MJ wanted to show it was the 4th of July tomorrow!

Z and my sis-how cute are they?

Discovering funnel cake..
Deep fried dough....classic treat on the Boardwalk

Cotton Candy
E and MJ
J. has arms of steel and 2 very determined boys

Is it a bird, a plane, or a really loud roller coaster?

Af cracking the boys up

Sandy sandwichs and beach sun

The Boardwalk
Z and MJ and A-Start your engines....

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  1. I LOVE the Boardwalk! Ryan and I are drooling over those funnel cakes too...yum...