Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A series of events....

So this has been a super fun July allll the way around. I was in a car accident last week-very thankfully-no one was hurt. A 91 year-old man ran a stop sign and hit my car-which tweaked my hood a little and I am not sure exactly where my license plate is-but he is fine and so am I and that is what is important. Although I am still a little shaky driving. THEN- to keep the party going-I got my camera wet and well...that was the end of that. I did learn a fascinating tactic which included submerging my camera in a bowl of rice and using a hair dryer. I have ordered a new camera today which should be very cool and I am trying to look on the bright side:) And my nephew broke his arm last week and had the cutest blue cast and is surrently terrifing his mom by trying to climb everything he can scramble on. This would be Zachary...And I am at this gorgeous house that I am taking care of which has thrown me off my loading pics game.

So-the end of the story why I am not posting pics is a) I am now a slacker b) I will try to find the card which hopefully will work and c) am waiting for my camera to come.

In the meantime, thank you so much for reading and I SWEAR I will post shortly. I fell like a blog tease....;)


  1. I got one of those "Baby on Board" signs....I'm such a geek?

  2. UGH to the baby on board signs!! Bad Alice.

    The rice trick also works well for cell phones. Just in case.