Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whales, Dolphins and yoga seals

On a break from the hospital (see previous entry) I jumped on board a whale watching ship in Monterey. Loved that crew! They let me sit up top next to the captain, scouring the seas for sightings.

Favorite shot-white sided dolphins who were annoying the humpback whales-they were playful and jumped up close by the boat. Found out that dolphins are really hard to take pictures of.

Best shot of the whale...not awesome but they were kind of dormant. And SMELLY!!!! Their breath was akin to rotten broccoli....yikes

On leaving the harbor, we were surrounded by about 40 dolphins. I'm in love with these guys.

Quirky, lovely house

Sleep coma

This made me wish I was scuba diving. Now that I know what is down there, I want to go back...

I think he is saying hello:)


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  1. The thing about whale-watching is that the whales live *in* the water, so anything you see above the surface is just a fluke.