Friday, June 5, 2009

My NYC adventure! Finally.....:)

Yes. I have embraced NYC...

Maybe my new job?

First cannoli!!! This was in Little Italy in NYC

Amber's dream house:)
Famous nine layer cake from the island. I swiped the recipe from the captain's wife and I am going to replicate this. It was sooooo good.

Crab Shack
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab
Smith Island-off the coast of Maryland-such a cute spot. Miki and I went there for a story she is doing on the Watermen-the men who crab and oyster harvest.

Friend Rachel from waaaay back in the day-freshman year of college!

Shake Shack yumminess....
Before....frizzy, sad, a little out of control....
AFTER!!! TA-DA!! I had the best experience at Devachan Salon in NYC-Mel was awesome and my hair really does look like this after I do it myself with all the ninja tricks Mel taught me.

Artsy shot of Miki and I taking photos on the Staten Island Ferry

Best Friends Forever:)
Spiny palace at the Met

Danny is hilarious and has a unique way of looking at the world. So much fun to hang out with him in NYC. Thanks Danny!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art...I love this place-and how big it is.....

No NYC experience would be complete without the model shot on the street....

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  1. Yes to everything...the food, the friends, the sights. Jealous!!

    What are the Ninja tricks, yo??