Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sailboats, Pelicans and Seals in Sausalito

After checking out the UFC fight in the morning, I decided to check out Sausalito where I haven't been for a little while and I went nautical and got some great shots at the marina. This is a really fun little town right after you pass over the Golden Gate bridge and is kind of "ocean meets country". Well worth a drive up.
Beautiful pelican I got a shot of. Interesting note-they can carry their full body weight in food in their beak...weird, huh? Think about it....

This was the most beautiful boat I saw-It was moving super fast so I felt lucky to get this shot off...
IF you can, look closely at these little faces....they are kind of lazy and relaxed. And in sync.

Loved the colors of these houseboats. What an awesome combination! Sausalito is a little seaside town north of San Francisco that feels worlds away from the Peninsula-little shops and sailboats everywhere.

One more shot-I love love LOVE the Golden Gate Bridge and driving across it. Today I decided to explore Sausalito for dinner because it was such a beautiful day and a great drive.

Took this photo out of my window on my adventure into Sausalito. This was a gorgeous day in SF in the mission district and this church really stood out to me-although I had to snap really fast as the traffic light turned green and I was trying to be a safe driver.


  1. But did it rule like New Wave Night??

  2. Oh man....I totally am sad I missed out on that....Can we plan it for another night and soon? For reals-I have some sweet dance skills-I may even do the worm if given the the way-that Thai food looked awesome.

  3. I love your pictures of San Francisco! I am so excited to come out there and have an adventure with you! just promise it will somehow include the world of professional wrestling