Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fortune Cookies, King Crabs and Tennis

Prizes to whomever can guess what this's a fortune cookie machine! We found it in an alleyway in SF. *Editors note-I have a lot of photos of my nieces and nephews but I need parental consent to post them...or I won't get a Christmas present...But rest assured-they were absolutely awesome photos!

Whoa-that crab is EXPENSIVE! For that price, we should put a collar on him and take him home.

Spent today at the ferry with 6 of my neices and nephews-Pretty much one of my favorite things to do is to hang with family. I took them over to the ferry building and checked out all the crazy things there. For those not familiar-the Ferry Building is a foodie delight and samples line the interior of shops from the Cowgirl Creamery to Chocolatiers to mushrooms to tanks of king crabs. Definitely on the must-do list.

This is where I am spending my days at the office:) Yeah...this was a little posed. But I was getting smoked by a six year old. My company liquidated on Monday so I have a little time on my hands which bodes well for many updates on this website so stay tuned!


  1. I hope you get "parental consent" to post some pics because I want to see those cute kids! So, what does your company being liquidated actually mean? Are you out of work? I hope everything is okay!

  2. Nice form. I LOVE Cowgirl Creamery!

  3. welcome to the world of the unemployed. as an eight month veteran, i feel your pain. good thing scott has a doctorate degree and is doing manual labor at the nursing home. i'm glad all those student loans paid for somthing. he can really did a sprinkler. on a side note he did just start a parttime job in his field of choice. so that's progress. hope is out there. don't give up. you'll make it through. and if not, you are invited to come here, there is always grass to be mowed at the nursing home.