Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dogs, Flowers and Farmer's Markets

This was quite a dog standing guard at the Farmer's market-I think it is probably an Irish Wolfhound mix-a little too narrow in the shoulders to be purebred. And yes-I am a dog breed freak. Don't judge;)

What a great start-a Rhodesian Ridgeback which is one of my favorite types of dogs-I dream of opening my door one day and having one on my doorstep with a bow. I blame Disney for that dream....Such a sweet dog-the girl said that yesterday someone thought he was a deer.

Gorgeous flowers-I thought they might be a little too high for Mom but I loved how fluffy they looked. This was at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Palo Alto, CA every Saturday from 8-noon. Delicious crepes, beautiful flowers, delectable fruit-what's not to love?

Someday I want to be rich enough to sweep in and buy up alllll the yellow flowers. I love the shape of these.

Flower bouquet I designed for Mom-lots of happy yellows and blues.

What a delicious little garden-too bad I tend to kill plants...sigh. I'm working on that one.

This almost made me want to eat radishes...almost.

Guess what season it is? :) Strawberries! I LOVE Strawberries-I think I could eat a whole flat by myself. Although that would probably not end well...

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