Sunday, May 3, 2009

BFF's, Cakes and Mutant Aloe Vera plants

One of my dearest friend, A.-she is 34 weeks pregnant and looks A-MAZING! I went down this weekend to take some shots of her and husband T. before the 9th month. She, of course, looks about 4 months pregnant. We had to work to make it look pregnant but I was really happy with the shots. I always love to visit and spend a couple of days at the seaside with them.

Now THAT is an aloe vera plant.

Rissini's-an Italian bakery in Monterey that has the most outrageous cakes I have ever seen. I always like to see what they come up with when I am spending a weekend there.

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  1. There are countless uses for aloevera, as gel or as a cream.
    But very often, the people didn't believ what they can read in a couple of books, here in the internet or what they hear from their friends or neighbours.
    Aloe vera is known for thousands of years for healthy, fitness and beauty.
    And of course, its no placebo effect, because the Aloe works also for animals, and with your pet, you can't have placebo-effect, never.
    Just give this marvelous plant a chance and test it for yourself. And then decide..
    Kind regards from Germany