Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thomander Wedding-Summer Sweet

The Thomander's beautiful home-a perfect backyard wedding open house for John and Amanda. This was my first catering job-It was so fun to be a part of such a romantic/beautiful event.

Nanci and Daryl-John's parents looking very elegant

The happy couple-John and Amanda

Lazy summer night-good people, good food, good conversation

Photo Shoot with MJ, my niece-she came running in and jumped on my lap. How could I not take a couple of photos?

My little niece, MJ. Isn't she cute?


  1. Sara,
    Do you have a catering biz? How cool that you could do John's wedding. It looked beautiful. I do wedding cakes, and I know how fun, exciting, and stressful weddings can be!

  2. Gorgeous!! What an amazing job--love the colors!