Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bonjour Bebe!

On Saturday morning, I headed down to Monterey to make sure I got some photos of one of my bffs, A. before her 9th month of pregnancy. We met in Provo a looooong time ago and lived with each other in Salt Lake and Venezuela. A. and her French husband moved to Monterey 3 years ago which has been so fun to have her only an hour away. It helps they are both so photogenic. Here are a few shots that stood out of the pack to give a little slice of their life in Monterey.

Fluffy Meringues. Yummy

A. and T. favorite French bakery in Monterey

Beautiful Monterey coastline.

Gorgeous Day-Gorgeous family-Easy photo shoot on the 17 mile drive in Monterey with A. and T. and bebe.

The little Lenoir family

Favorite shot of A. and her little bebe on the way-I use the term "bebe" as T., her husband is french.

Shot of A. and T. making a little heart on her bebe.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Are you using a digital SLR? - sc

  2. Hi SC:) Thanks for the comment! I actually use a little digital point and shoot Canon-hoping to upgrade at some point to a digital SLR-but this little camera does turn out some great shots.

  3. I want to lay in a field of flowers and eat meringues right about now.