Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flowers, Half Moon Bay and some Sweet Frames

Walking into this nursery in Half Moon Bay makes me feel like I wanted to buy flats of plants immediately and plant them all over..then I remembered I have a rock garden...this will have to do for now:)

These cats are really tranquil and...flexible. Very fun shop in Half Moon Bay that deals in oddities and antiques-kind of what you dream of finding in your grandma's attic.

Not sure what kind of plant this is but I liked it.

This made me happy.

I would have bought this but I was pretty sure, given my track record, that I would probably kill it in a few I took a photo. I think it will last longer and the flower breathed a sigh of relief.
The most beautiful nursery in Half Moon Bay-a coastal town in California. Isn't this flower delicious? I wanted to sprinkle sugar on it and eat it. But I didn't.

These are hot, right?;) This was at a vintage store and I went with it.


  1. Those glasses are so you. They bring out your eyes. Or maybe they shrink them...hmm...

  2. We love HMB for this very reason!