Monday, April 13, 2009

My Birthday Bash continued....

Yep. Here is the birthday girl in the birthday hat;) I had a FANTASTIC party at my sister, J.'s house. Everything was exactly perfect and what I wanted-even filled with surprises that I will remember for a very long time. I am constantly amazed and awed at the blessings of the people that are in my life and this was a great day to have people get together.
K and J really knocked themselves out with this one.

My very first shrine:) This was a collage at the entry way to my birthday party that my sister J. had put together of my family members who couldn't be there. But the real surprise was that in those plastic eggs were incredible sweet notes from people that J. had contacted and then cut up and put in each egg. I am working on something really creative so I can preserve the notes which were incredibly thoughtful and had me blushing all night long-they were outrageously nice.

Favorite sodas (when I drink them;) Izzes....Clemetine, blackberry and pomegranate.

Lemon cake with lemon frosting with fresh Meyer lemons and lemon zest...Yummy

My superhero sister, J. who hosted the party made my favorite cupcakes from scratch-chocolate frosting and yellow cake. And yes. They went down easy....

ALL my favorite foods on one table-you know how when you go to a party and like about....60-70 percent of the food on the table? It was AWESOME to have everything on the table be something that I loved to eat.

This couch contains some of the most amazing friends and people I know. So fun to have them all together on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
This is A. and T.-I've been BFF's with A. since we signed up to live in Venezuela lo those many years ago and she and T. drove all the way from Monterey. AND she is one of the most beautiful pregant women I know. Can't wait for little Pierre! (T. is French) and that probably won't be the name...I just like to call him that;)

We've been BFF's since we were 12! This is A. who is my go-to girl on all things fashionable and fun. AND has a heart of gold. What are the odds? This was at my party on Saturday-a small get-together at my sister's place that was pretty much one of the best days ever.
TWINS!!! Well-I don't think we look too much alike but apparently we do:)

And the party kept riiiight on going...K (sister) Mom and yours truly:) This was later that night...

My final thought on my birthday is that I am grateful and thankful for everyone in my life that I have been lucky to have walked this journey with-lots of ups and downs but my relationships with others is where I have been truly blessed. I have some big changes and exciting things coming up and have been humbled by the support of those close to me.


  1. yay! Fun to see the day documented. It was a lovely afternoon, thank you for inviting us to be a part of it!

  2. Fun-fun! Another year...older, maybe wiser.

  3. What? No love? I am sure we had a picture together that was blog worthy... I guess I just have no sense of style!

  4. I'm so glad your birthday party was everything you could have hoped for and more! O, I wish I could have been there! The food looks delicious! Way to go, Jen! And Happy Birthday, Sara!!