Thursday, April 23, 2009

Really Big Shoes and Zero1

While waiting for my ride to the Zero1 party, I wandered over the the park in San Jose central and saw tons of men milling around a rather dramtic shoe selection. The cause was raising awareness for domestic violence and to garner attention, men showed up and selected a donated women's shoe and walked a mile-"Walk a mile in her shoes". Of course, the selection of shoes fitting those over a size 11 gets expontentially more colorful. I got to hand it to these men-some of them really embraced it-wearing socks, getting pedicures, pre-bandaging and mincing around to get the feel. They might have thought about gel inserts....I think more than a few woke up today with a blister or two but what a great cause to support!

The start of the walk. This charmingly group of gentlemen obligingly posed and preened for a shot pre-walk. Thanks guys! Hope the blisters weren't too bad!

Whoa. I can't even walk in these. Brave soul.

I have to hand it to these men-it is not easy to walk at all in these types of shoes-Let alone a mile. Here is the fire chief and his red patent shoes. Oddly fitting.

This is kind of spectacular. I particularly appreciate the black sock coordination.

Very cool offices at Zero1

I think I found the lamp I want for my room. This little gem was at the Zero1 launch party at their new site in San Jose. They are a very interesting organization that brings art and technology together and every 2 years, they light up the city with amazing exhibits.

Check out how my dad's head is glowing with the light of the beams. Cool.

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