Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Birthday! Feast and Flowers....

In the is a photo I totally lifted off of my sister's page...Thanks AF! I think I was about 2 in this photo...Maybe 1ish?

My sister J. took me to breakfast to kick off the B-day good!
Cafe Brioche=AMAZING!
The best breakfast EVER! My sister J. took me out to Cafe Brioche and let me pick both entrees-Eggs Benedict AND oatmeal rolled french toast with fresh blueberry scones.
And the staff came out with a coconut tart with a candle. So nice!

The front of the manor. PERFECT place for a spring day.

Very Sabrina-esque Garden house complete with 2 pure white doves cooing. I felt like I immediately needed to be striding around with riding pants, boots, crisp white shorts and a crop.

More Tulips!!!

Small garden

Big Garden

Um. that's a lot of tulips...

Luggage for my next trip?

Huge clean kitchen still used up until 1975. It made me what to make lots of pies and cool them on the table.

The library with a secret door and wood paneling which hid secret compartments.

Hmm. The flash wasn't the best but this was simply a delicious ballroom.
These eccentic billionaires know how to do a room.

About to walk into my happy place-my very own ballroom-although I think next time I will be wearing something long, Valentino and fabulous.
My summer home

Enjoying the sun and the daffodils...maybe too much;)

A whole lot of Wisteria

95,000 tulips are planted each year-they change the color scheme every time. For those interested-that translates to 50,000 gallons of water on a hot day.

My mom took me to Filoli Gardens where I have always wanted to go-a gorgeous Irish country estate in the hills of Woodside on 650 acres. Lots of movies have been filmed here, The Wedding Planner, The Game, Dynasty, etc....We had the best time and it was beautiful weather.
Flowers, ballroom and hedges....what more could a girl want?
This is how I felt on my birthday:) I have so many amazing people in my life and they all called me on my birthday and made me so grateful for another year of happiness and growth. Thanks to everyone for making my b-day just what I wanted!


  1. Ahh... what a life. Did you ask if they need any permanent residents for that place? Or a live-in gardener? It's fun to see how much your family loves you! Families are wonderful! And I love the 1st photo!! That's how I remember you!

  2. Happy (belated) Bday, Sara! What a cute little girl you were (well, and beautiful woman now!). That manor looks gorgeous - like something I hope to see more of in England.